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Is the "Prayer Sign" a Sign of Arthritis?

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1st Doc12349
2nd Deborah Callanan44.67
3rd af057843.67
4th Dr dake(8:31)43
5th JAR(8:41)43
6th PaTom(9:21)43
7th steven hand surgery(12:48)43
8th hoosier42.67
9th noserus42
10th ddfpmd41
1st Debbie657050
2nd SMITTI7945
3rd Lac Le(6:49)43
4th skinlizzy(9:34)43
5th az44(7:32)42
6th luvscotez(12:14)42
7th Jroo39.67
8th emtkathy38.67
9th jlgamache(7:13)38
10th cp5680(11:41)38
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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