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First Challenge: Getting Off On the Right Foot

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1st buddy33.25
2nd PaTom30
3rd Doc12328
4th NMG27
5th chouse26.25
6th PaTom11325.25
7th jdog(7:41)25
8th Juan(9:19)25
9th Bones52(9:56)25
10th nilesh patel(9:56)25
1st jlgamache27
2nd skinlizzy(8:53)24
3rd endo(9:15)24
4th jaddzz(12:52)24
5th DrYkroc22
6th Dewp63(8:47)21
7th SLDragon(11:50)21
8th JenBug(17:22)21
9th az44(7:08)20
10th Debbie6570(8:55)20
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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